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© 2009 Colleen Messina
All music written by Colleen Messina
"The One Who Listens" written by Colleen Messina & Roderick Hill

Producer: Jay Messina

Jerry Ramos - Guitars, Base Drums
Jay Messina - Strings & Percussion
Anton Fig - Drums (Pollyanna)
Rich Tozzoli - Guitars

Recorded & mixed at West End Sound

Cover Photo: William Sayler
Pollyanna [Lyrics]
The One Who Listens [Lyrics]
Going For My Life [Lyrics]
House of Right [Lyrics]

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Colleen has a soothing voice - she expresses herself in a light, fun way. Her rhythms and lyrics play in your head and you can't help but move to her music and sing along. She has a heartwarming presence which compliments her amazing rich voice.

"Melodic, memorable songs that will inspire a life full of excellence, well-being & happiness."
Colleen Messina puts a smile on your face. Her bell like tones ring pure and true. She has delighted audiences around the world.